URGE (Utrecht Research Group of Eating) consists of a group of researchers that examines human food consumption and eating behavior from a social cognitive perspective. URGE is part of the department of Psychology at Utrecht University. URGE is established and directed by Wolfgang Stroebe and Henk Aarts. URGE is especially interested in the automatic and impulsive nature of eating behaviors, and the problems that people have in dieting and regulating their eating behavior by means of conscious deliberation and intention. One of the major research programs of the URGE addresses the conflict between hedonic processes and dieting concerns in restrained eaters, which has led to the formulation of the Goal Conflict Model of Eating (Stroebe et al., 2008). A second major line of research of the URGE concerns the human nature of impulsively responding to fatty/unhealthy food, and the way of controlling these impulses by means of automatic motor inhibition, thereby delegating the control of impulsive eating behavior to the immediate environment (Veling & Aarts, 2009).

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