Robert Renes

I started studying Psychology at Utrecht University in 2006. In my second year I was enrolled into the Honors Track of Social Psychology. Herein I conducted research for a year under the supervision of Henk Aarts and I received my Bachelor's degree in 2009. Afterwards, I graduated from Utrecht University’s Social and Health Psychology research master in 2011. During this time, I worked as a reseach assistant for the goallab.

I currently work as a PhD student in a collaborative project between the Goallab and Schizophrenia- and Neuroimaging-researchers from the University Medical Center Utrecht, under supervision of Henk Aarts, René Kahn, Neeltje van Haren and Matthijs Vink. In my research project I aim to investigate how people with schizophrenia are impaired in their inferences of self-agency and how this is represented in the underlying neural substrates. By investigating explicit and implicit pathways towards these self-agency inferences, we hope to pinpoint specific shortcomings in patients – promoting further understanding of schizophrenia.

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Representative publications


Renes, R. A., Vermeulen, L., Kahn, R. S., Aarts, H., van Haren, N. E. M. (in press). Abnormalities in the establishment of feeling of self-agency in schizophrenia. Schizophrenia Research. Download article

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Contact information

Utrecht University
Dept. of Psychology
PO Box 80140
3508 TC Utrecht
The Netherlands
T: +31 30 253 9032
F: +31 30 253 4718

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