Masanori Oikawa

I was trained as an experimental social psychologist at Hitotsubashi University (Tokyo), and received my PhD in 2007 for my dissertation on conscious and unconscious aspects of self-regulation. Since then I worked at Toyo University, Syracuse University and Utrecht University as a research fellow under the grant provided by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. At the goallab I will continue my research on operation and consequences of conscious and unconscious goals.

Past decades of studies have discovered that unconscious processes guide human behavior in much the same way as conscious processes. In attempt to extend implications of such findings, my research focus has been on differential roles of these processes in domains such as achievement goals, stereotype suppression, and feeling of self-agency.

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Contact information

Toyo University
Dept. of Social Psychology
PO Box 80140
5-28-20 Hakusan
Tokyo 112-8606
T: +81 3 39 45 75 57
F: +81 3 39 42 24 89

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