Martijn Veltkamp

I was born on November 14, 1980 in Zwolle and was raised in the nearby medieval town Hattem. After primary school I continued my education at the Carolus Clusius College in Zwolle (Carolus Clusius was the (16th century) founder of Dutch tulip breeding and of the botanical garden in Leiden). After my graduation in 1999 I started to study Psychology at (possibly still under the influence of Carolus Clusius) Leiden University. At that university I obtained my masters degree in Social Psychology in 2004. Since October 2004, I work as a PhD-student at Utrecht University where I conduct research together with Henk Aarts and Ruud Custers.

My research focuses on the factors that underlay non conscious goal pursuit. Specifically, classic studies on the topic showed that merely rendering goals accessible enhances the motivation to attain the goals. I am interested in and study how deprivation of resources crucial for survival (such as water), basic affective processes and goal accessibility work together to produce motivation for goal attainment. Moreover, I am interested in the consequences of (non conscious) goal motivation for basic motivational processes that facilitate goal attainment. Specifically, I investigate how the motivation to attain goals spontaneously affects the perception of the environment.

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Contact information

Universiteit Twente
GW Cubicus C205
PO Box 217
7500 AE Enschede
The Netherlands
T: +31 53 489 51 57

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