Mark Noort

In 2008, I started as an undergraduate student in Psychology at Utrecht University. I soon became passionate about the various processes that describe how people mutually influence and are influenced by their environment. Therefore, the choice for a specialization in Social Psychology was quite logical. In 2009 I was admitted to the faculty’s Von Humboldt College Honours programme and after a couple of interdisciplinary courses, I am participating in its Social Psychology disciplinary track.
In 2010 I started working as a research assistant for the Goallab.
My research interests are diverse and cover the range of both fundamental and applied Social Psychological processes. I’m particularly intrigued by the (non)conscious processes of motivation, culture and groupdynamics. Presently, I am doing my bachelor research on implications of the relationship between behavioural disinhibition priming and prosocial behaviour.

Contact information
Utrecht University
Dept. of Psychology
PO Box 80140
3508 TC Utrecht
The Netherlands
T: +31 30 253 14 74
F: +31 30 253 47 18