Claire Zedelius

I started studying social psychology at Radboud University Nijmegen. During the Research Master’s program at the Behavioural Science Institute at Radboud University Nijmegen, I did research on the flexible embodiment of the self. In October 2008, I started a PhD-project at Utrecht University under supervision of Henk Aarts and Harm Veling.

In my research, I investigate the effects of consciously and unconsciously perceived reward cues, such as money, on goal-directed behavior. I found that unconscious rewards usually boost cognitive performance, but conscious reflection on high rewards can, ironically, also lead to decreased performance. I am particularly interested in interactions between the effects of people’s conscious reward expectations and the effects of unconscious motivational processes elicited by the perception of reward cues.

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Representative publications

Zedelius, C. M., Veling, H., & Aarts, H. (in press). When unconscious rewards boost cognitive task performance inefficiently: The role of consciousness in integrating value and attainability information. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience Research.

Zedelius, C. M., Veling, H., Bijleveld, E., & Aarts, H. (in press). Promising high monetary rewards for future task performance increases intermediate task performance. PLoS ONE.

Zedelius, C. M., Veling, H., & Aarts, H. (in press). I was Unaware and I Needed the Money! Success and Failure in Behavioral Regulation toward Consciously and Unconsciously Perceived Monetary Cues. Social Cognition.

Zedelius, C. M., Veling, H., & Aarts, H. (2011). Boosting or choking: How conscious and unconscious reward processing modulate the active maintenance of goal-relevant information. Consciousness and Cognition, 20, 355-362.

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Contact information

Utrecht University
Dept. of Psychology
PO Box 80140
3508 TC Utrecht
The Netherlands
T: +31 30 253 9032
F: +31 30 253 47 18

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