Pascal Pas

I began studying psychology at Utrecht University in 2007. I developed an interest in psychological research when I was in the last year of my bachelor. I enrolled in the minor "Social Neuroscience" and worked on my thesis under the supervision of Ruud Custers. Despite this interest in research, I chose to start with the academic master program 'Social Psychology' and not with a research master program, in 2010. My master thesis was focused on the link between dopaminergic functioning and individual differences in reward sensitivity. After obtaining a graduate degree I chose to act on my interest regarding research, and enrolled in the research master "Social and Health Psychology" in 2011. 

I currently work as a research assistant at the Goallab, where I assist in research on the activation of goals outside of conscious awareness. My other research interests concern the overall role of conscious and unconscious processes in motivation, and relevant neurological areas.   

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Contact information

Utrecht University
Dept. of Psychology
PO Box 80140
3508 TC Utrecht 
T: +31 63 957 55 57
F: +31 30 253 47 18

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